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Question about: PATS for Applicants and Employees, Step by Step Instructions for Applying on PATS
How to Apply on PATS? Who Can Apply on PATS? What To Do as "A First Time Users"? What To Do as "A Previously Registered Users"? What Kind of Computer Do I Need? How Long Will My Application Remain Active?


The DeKalb County School District is pleased to offer the web based Paperless Applicant Tracking System (PATS), which is available from home, the Public Library, from the computers in the DCSD facilities at 1701 Mountain Industrial Blvd., or any computer with internet access.

    Open your internet browser and type in

    The Paperless Applicant Tracking System (PATS) is for anyone requesting a position with the DeKalb County School Board. This also applies to DeKalb employees seeking a promotional position in district.

    What Can I Do?
      • Register online free of charge
      • Create your own portfolio of available jobs within DCSD
      • Apply for jobs district wide or in specific locations
      • Update your personal information and qualifications at any time
      • Add new jobs to your portfolio as they become available
      • Check on the status of vacancies

    What kind of Computer Do I Need?
    This system will operate on Windows PC and on computers using Netscape 4 or higher or Internet Explorer.

    First Time Users:

    Click on Apply for Job.
    Click on Register now for USER NAME & PASSWORD.

    Enter your USER NAME information. Your username will be comprised of your first + middle initial (if entered) + last name. (Example, Mary A Smith or Bob Jones).

    Click on Continue.

    Enter your e-mail address (if applicable), telephone number, and password. Passwords are no longer case sensitive----REMEMBER, YOU MUST RECORD YOUR USER NAME AND PASSWORD FOR FUTURE ACCESS TO YOUR APPLICATION

    Click on Continue.
    Once you have completed these steps, you are registered!

    Enter your User Name and Password in the Previously Registered Login box on the left panel. (You must type your user name and password exactly as you registered). Choose Select Job Vacancies. Once you have selected a job vacancy and answered your security questions, you may complete your application.

    If you already have a user name and password, enter them in the Previously Registered Login box on the left panel. (You must type your user name and password exactly as you registered in order to access your application).

    Completing the Application: The application is divided into six sections. Each section is saved once you click on the "Submit Application" button.

    Fill in all fields honestly and accurately. You should update your application when information changes (including address, phone number, employer, education dates).

    You must sign your application by checking the "signature box and then "submit application button"

    Click Your "To do" or " Portfolio" to view your "to do" list or to review the jobs or certification areas you have selected.

    How Long will my Application Remain Active?

    Your application will remain active for one year for Instructional positions and 6 months for Non-Instructional positions starting from the date that you apply. You have the option to renew your application. You will be notified by e-mail 30 days before your application is scheduled to be removed from the system. Please provide a valid e-mail address.

    Thank you for your interest in employment with DeKalb County School District!